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The Cartoon RPG Project!

Our goal is to make an Rpg, centered around our Rubber hose hero adventuring through areas based on different animation styles!

Spit ball ideas, create concepts, hang out, help us out! E~C~T....

For More details on the project, as well as what we have so far in terms of planning, check out ''About Us.'' new members, contributors, and so on are always welcome!

WE NOW HAVE A CHATROOM , for discussion of course:…

I have a Skype under EB -the-GAMER for further, more real-time discussions.

The group's skype is "Enter the T.V.~"



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Group Info

a group involved to the creation of the Cartoon RPG. a game where a rubber hose hero journeys through different areas based on animation styles and genres. feel free to ask questions, look about what we got so far, or maybe even sumbit something :D
Founded 8 Months ago
Aug 24, 2016

North America

Group Focus
Video game development

22 Members
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the stream will begin Fridays at 5:00 pm.…
:iconchadrocco: i was wondering if we could utilize some characters from your "futurama in a video game" idea like Stella. We can note about details.
Of course, there will be tons of original work, but i thought it would be cool to have some characters that reference cartoons. For example in one of the parts of Modernia (a sci-fi based modern toon world):

Hooker- a lizard gumball expy who runs an insurance place in a world where a Samurai Jack esque cyborg fights with the Black Baron and her cronies and causes tons of property damage. He constantly hullucinates his family members and a nice house, but its always burned away by the reality that he lives alone in a shoddy apartment.

-Ottomess' House - Tutorial

Narration text:  As long as there has been history, people have been creating pictures. With these pictures, they have told stories - True, fictional, and occasionally somewhere in between.

With this fascination with visual representation and storytelling came an important advancement, animation.

it has become an important part in culture, and since its introduction, animation has greatly improved and changed....however some places this animation has created, have stayed black and white. Indeed - these worlds and their inhabitance could even be considered...


but that may change.


Ottomess wakes up in bed, and without seeing his true face, dresses to get ready for his new job.

Otto: ALRIGHTY! My first day as a deckhand begins today! I think I'll keep this job for more than a few days! Let's see. Bossman wanted me to be prepared before I come. I'll check my, checklist.

(This sets Otto up for a tutorial of the overworld controls. by interacting with parts of his house, otto gains his weapon, some gear, and some consumables items. after he's done with checking the main floor, Otto nptes he has one last thing to do, go evict a (in his words) "bum" called the Gackle living in his basement. If he is to approach the stairs to the attic at any point however: )

Otto: I've seen what is up there, never again. That's final.

(otto heads into the basement, littered with basic enemies, and decides to clear them out as a tutorial for combat, after doing so, The Gackle appears. He calls Otto a killjoy for ruining his party and driving out the guests. When Otto tells him that he's being evicted, the Gackle tries to force Otto out of his own home in a fight.

After being beat, the Gackle cries uncle and begs to stay, when Otto refuses, The Gackle offers to pay him rent from now on, which changes Otto's mind, earning him some inkwells and money.)

- Monochrome Main Street - Hub

(Otto leaves his house and walks to Monochrome itself - he lives on the outskirts of the city- Saying his hellos to his friends)

(Rayel- )

Rayel: Otto sweety!

Otto: Heya Ray! What are you doing so close to my home? it ain't often I see your pretty face out here!  

Rayel: Just thought I should pay a visit, I do love the flowers in TeeHee Fields after all, if I could, I'd go live there.

Otto: Why don't you live with me? we are a couple after all!

Rayel: Uh....that's a big that monster they chased out of monochrome a few months ago is still out here somewhere...

Otto: It is? shoot...    ...    ... I, gotta get to work.

Rayel: Oh, I'm sorry! I was making you late! love you Otto!

(Rayel goes for a kiss but sticks Otto with her nose)

Otto: Ack! you're biting me again, losing Blood Ray-ray!

Rayel: sorry! I'm so sorry!

Otto: It's alright! I'll see you later sweety!

( and Smolder, inside the city-)

Otto: HELLLLLOOOOOO, Smolder!~

Smolder: This guy again? Hi...What's your name?

Otto: The Name's Ottomess! I gave you a box of Cigars the other day!

Smolder: I was wondering who left those at my door... Kid, you're better off finding someone else to be friends with, because people like you bug me a LOT.

Otto: Don't say that, I gave you something you like after all!

Smolder: (Dumb kid's indulging my bad habit...) kid-

Otto: I'd love to chat more, but I gotta run and say hi to my other friends before I go to the docks!

Smolder:...wait...doesn't he live alone outside city limits? Considering how annoying he is that actually may be for the best...

(At this point, Otto can only go to the docks, as the path to the Black and White Factory is under maintenance and the path to Teehee Fields pushes you back, somehow: )

Otto: Huh? The wind must be really strong coming from that way, Well, I gotta get to work anyway.

(Within the hub are a npcs that can be talked to and some buildings to explore, three of which have
And item shop, a gear shop, and an inn. Most of them are a dismissive of Otto, while some of them are friendly.)

-The Docks - 1.1

( The docks are a fairly straight forward area, simply heading straight ahead will lead Otto to Captain Swarthy, his boss, but there are a few parts of the pier that split off, some are locked/blocked and require a later character's abilities. most paths lead to npcs who give you items, but some end with an event that damages Otto slightly, or an ambush by an enemy.)

Captain Swarthy: You're late matey!!

- Vintage River -1.1

- Black and White Factory (maybe Chrome Factory?) -

- Unfinished Factory -

- Flower Fields (maybe Teehee Fields?)-

- Swinger's Sinyard-

- The "Mystation" -


Be there mayhaps? Dont make me sad! :B
More Journal Entries


The team trying to Produce and set up this (hopefully) great RPG are credited here.









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