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The Cartoon RPG Project!

Our goal is to make an Rpg, centered around our Rubber hose hero adventuring through areas based on different animation styles!

Spit ball ideas, create concepts, hang out, help us out! E~C~T....

For More details on the project, as well as what we have so far in terms of planning, check out ''About Us.'' new members, contributors, and so on are always welcome!

WE NOW HAVE A CHATROOM , for discussion of course:…

I have a Skype under EB -the-GAMER for further, more real-time discussions.

The group's skype is "Enter the T.V.~"



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Group Info

a group involved to the creation of the Cartoon RPG. a game where a rubber hose hero journeys through different areas based on animation styles and genres. feel free to ask questions, look about what we got so far, or maybe even sumbit something :D
Founded 1 Year ago
Aug 24, 2016

North America

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Video game development

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This collection does not have any deviations yet!

:iconoliviavanb: , And That Guy In Suede to be precise! :)

Ottomess Redux by OliviaVanB


Its been freezing up recently, and I haven't been able to respond to anybody. plus, since nobody aside from two people contacts me through it, its becoming more of a distraction to me than anything else.


been discussing it with :iconhazard100: It sounds like a good idea...but i'm not entirely sure I want to do it yet...hazard did have some ideas on rewards with enemy names as levels of support.

1$ - One-liners - simply just early access and a thank-you from Otto.

5$ - Wilhelm Screamers -  previous rewards plus beta testing and gallery preview.


Having sprites and art is well and good, but we still need people for the project. In particular, people who can compose music; who can make environments, and who program in game maker studio 2. I'll be trying to figure out how to do so in the meantime.


limiting which characters will have abilities in the overworld:

- Rayel the Mosquito - limited flight/hovering

- Bambino Ruthe - Block-breaking/pushing charge

- Goblin Princess - walks across hazardous floors

- (unreserved) - a shield that reflects projectiles

- Doctor Stintch - gives off or manipulates light

- (unreserved) - limited invisibility
We need a Black Baron design for the 2D computer animation world, Flasche! the main story is all about treasure hunting and grimm-style fantasy adventure.

Submit them please.

:iconhazard100: entry - Monochrome - Evius by hazard100
A list of confirmed characters for the rpg and who they are, categorized by world in no particular order.


there is a theme about relationships in this game, and I promise it leads to a disturbing turn near the end (not the dirty kind, the "thats legitimately disturbing and sad" kind)

This is subject to change, we won't fit absolutely everything in in one go, and we can add as necessary

Monochrome (Black and White cartoons) :

- Ottomess - (main character) goes out to find where Blanc Spooks are coming from. Kind, jolly, a little flirty and earns affections through his heroic actions, but doesn't really put much thought into implications and how other people are affected by his actions.

- Rayel - (party member, love interest) a lonely mosquito who was Otto's girlfriend. he breaks up with her in the second world on the grounds of her accidentally biting him when they hug and draining his blood. wants to prove herself and get past her feelings for Otto, but finds it more difficult than she thought.

- Smolder - (part member) A cynical lizard who hesitantly agrees to allow Otto into his place of work, The Blaq and Wite Co. Factory. becomes friends with Otto when he saves his job, and tries to be something of a brother figure to him, but is held back by his own discomfort.

- Damezelle - (npc) Monochrome - Damezelle by EB-the-GAMER A rabbit that is exasperated by constantly being kidnapped and saved as a damsel in distress. Is Otto's sister, and decides to go on the train and see the world.

- Carolbelle - (love interest) Monochrome - Carolbelle by EB-the-GAMER Club singer who breaks away from her sleazy manager and producer in favor of making it big in other worlds thanks to Otto's support during his going away party the night before departing on his quest. helps watch over the Filmstrip Train and uses it as a venue for her performances.

- Bruiser - (party member) A dog toon who was Otto's bully in monochrome city. forces himself into Otto's group after sneaking on the Filmstrip Train, and is rather full of himself.

- Blaq and Wite (npc) the owners of the Factory which makes the props and just about everything else in Monochrome city. were once rather shady, and their past mistakes are coming back to haunt them.

- Richard Rat - (npc, mini-boss) A put upon rat with long arms, handles gags that often harm him and becomes an Insane mini-boss because of it.

- Captain Smokestack - (temporary party member) a surly Anteater who runs a delivery Steamboat on the Vintage River.

- Hairy Perry - (npc, optional party member) Monochrome - Hairy Perry by EB-the-GAMER A quiet gorilla who reluctantly acts as Bruisers flunky, but is nice otherwise. Likes Damezelle a lot.

- The Gackle - (boss, npc) a weird monster that bums about in Otto's basement because he was chased out of Monochrome City. tries to force Otto out as the first boss when Otto tries to evict him, but mellows out afterwards and watches his house while Otto goes out. returning to him at certain points will have him pay a rent to Otto.

- Soupy Stache - (boss) A giant dripping fish-shaped blob monster made of pollution Le Stache dumped into the Vintage River, it corrupted the animals and possesses the cargo with its ooze.

- Dunhamn - (optional party member) a pilot regarded as the hero of Monochrome, and not without reason, as his fisticuffs and piloting skills are grand. He hasn't been seen recently.

- Gazer-  :iconartgazer12: (optional party member) CarTOON RPG: Monochrome Gazer by ARTgazer12 a strange creature with multiple eyes who's trying to blend into monochrome, but cannot quite pull it off. A slightly mischievous being who is very skilled due to his eye sight and quick thinking.

- Gertie - (npc) Monochrome RPG - Gertie by EB-the-GAMER a large brontosaurus that lives in flower fields, grazing and wandering about. a giant sweetheart able to perform tricks, Gertie is bullied by Lacky Lizards who steal her food and are too fast for her, leaving her tired and in the way as an obstacle

- Le Stache - (Black Baron, boss) A classic villain archetype wearing a black top hat and a cape. Stache is a member of  the black barons, a group of villains using the Blanc Spooks to further their agenda. Le Stache's main weapon is a comically large pistol, but he's not above improvising to gain an upper hand. has a thing for kidnapping pretty women and putting them in peril.

Coloria (Early Color cartoons) :

- McPeppy - (party member) A small dragon bandit with large pistols who constantly has a jalapeno in his mouth. McPeppy is planning on stealing from Sunnycide, and has roped Otto's group into the war between the foodians and cloud people that Sunnycide started to achieve his own ends.

- Pan Pizza - (npc) Monochrome - Useless jerk food baddie Pan Pizza. by EB-the-GAMER A pizza guard for the foodian castle. short-tempered, rude and obnoxious, this Pizza Slice dies constantly and is cloned through a special machine through the power of karma. Is all too eager to fight.

- Sunnycide - (Black Baron, Boss) A sun who rules a small area in between The cloudian and foodian kingdoms, owning the Yorsen Mine that provides him his kingdom's power. He wishes to take over the kingdoms and is instigating through Blanc Spooks shaped like clouds and food. very good at fire magic and punching enemies in the face.

- Rainmaker Mk. IV - (boss) A cloud formed entity that takes the form of a kind of tank with clouds instead of treads dispatched automatically against Otto and Co. if they decide to go to The Cloud Kingdom

Flasche (Flash/ 2D Computer animation) :

- Lauren Foalst -  based on :iconfyre-flye: (party member) A horse treasure hunter outshined by her rivals, including Equestri Ion, more and more as her career has gone on. What she has already was stolen by Le Temps, which has driven her to quitting her job out of depression.

- Equestri Ion - (npc) a Know-it-all treasure hunter, and one of Lauren's rivals. unintentionally distracts Le Temps from Otto and gets caught trying to get Lauren's treasures back from him.

- The Scribe Witch - (boss) a spirit that is rewriting fairy tales, causing great havok within the World of Stories.

- Goblin Princess - (party member, love interest) the leader of the goblins and red caps in the World of Stories, takes a fancy to Otto on a whim and to get revenge on the Scribe Witch. A very tough customer who can withstand harsh hazards.

- Le Temps - (mini-boss, boss) A thief hired by The Barons to take over a village and gather Lauren's collected curios and treasures. with his staff, he has some control over the flow of time. Seeks out another thief named Lorenson for stealing, and beliefs his current stash to be perfect bait.

- Master Mimic - (boss) A wealthy mimic art collector who is also a Treasure Hunter, he often buys from Le Temps and buys out some of the most important things Lauren had stolen from her. Fights with a large serrated knife.

Anima (Anime) :

- The Risk Rangers - (mini-bosses, npcs) A group of crime-fighters who lost a member to the Demon Thing, and so recruit Otto as the "White Rabbit." The other members of the team are "Red Fox," "Pink Cat," "Yellow Rhino," and "Black Bat" who wield a sword, slingshot, tomahawk, and pitchfork respectively.  Currently fighting the Greenblight Army.

- Vixen - (party member, love interest) A kitsune who was brainwashed by Hyakume when she tried to spy on him. Disguises herself due to the general bad rap youkai often have. She's a stubborn, determined sort of warrior who has both a giant and normal sized sword to fight with. in addition to Youkai she also fight Things and the Greenblight Army

- Haidā Curuk - (npc) A seemingly typical anime harem protagonist, surrounded by girls infatuated with him. Seems soft spoken and an all around nice guy, but also somewhat suspicious too, and wants to talk to Otto about something.

- Miko - (npc) A shrine priestess who is trying her hardest to keep Hykume's minions at bay. Currently working on Carbin's curse, which just doesn't seem to be possible with her holed up in her shrine by a Demon Thing trying to get to the city of Sentaiju Tokyo.

- Carbin - (love interest, party member) A chi-using warrior who has been cursed into a weakened state by one of Hyakume's henchmen. She finds Otto's kindness and determination an inspiration even when he and his friends seem so outmatched by Hyakume's forces. Used to be a member of Greenblight's army, and has a split personality.

- General Greenblight - (boss) a small creature who leads the Greenblight Army for Hyakume. A great inventor and a decent fighter in his own right; his army is, admittedly, the least problematic of the three factions attacking Anima. Seems to be looking for someone.

- Curser - (boss) A Space pirate wizard, and one of Hyakume's students, Curser is a master of, curses, and is intrigued by the youkai of Anima. Created the Things, and considers them far superior to the Blanc Spooks.

- Hyakume - (Black Baron, boss)   Monochrome RPG - Black Baron Hyakume by EB-the-GAMER A youkai who joined the Black Barons in order to try and spare Anima the Blanc Spooks rampage at least somewhat. To achieve this end, he has sent Greenblight and Curser or take over Sentaiju Tokyo before the Baron's decide to release a swarm of Spooks. uses his staff and eyeballs to fight, but may have more tricks up his sleeves.

- E.69 - B.L.A.R.G.E.N. - (npc) Monochrome RPG:     E.69 - B.L.A.R.G.E.N. by EB-the-GAMER one of Sentaiju Tokyo's defenders, a gigantic mishmash of sea life who fights to defend Nitro Tokyo, The Risk Rangers are trying to free him from something.

- Lord Jiraya - (boss, npc) A samurai and ninja lord who became an Insane after seeing the seedier side of Anima and losing hope. He stays in his fort, thankfully, but attacks anyone who trespasses.

- Yandere - (npc, boss) a high school student who was captivated by Otto's adorable looks, her depression and Otto leaving to continue his journey turned her into an Insane that stalks him.

Modernia (Modern animation) :

- Retra Fitt - (Black baron, party member, love interest) A member of the Black Barons, a cyborg who plugs herself into things like ships and computers to take control of them. While she is a full Black Baron she is mostly seen as a tool by other members of the organization and merely tolerated by most of her cohorts.

- Drop - (npc, temporary party member) A young lizard who sells insurance for the battles that take place in Tower Town. Constantly has hallucinations of his past family life, which from his perspective, literally burn away when he is brought back to a lonely reality.

- Pillin - (npc) a living pill capsule who wants Drop to socialize more after seeing him alone constantly. plays football and tries to moderate various fights in Tower Town to try and lighten his load. takes little pieces of herself when stressed.

- Bucket - (party member) A samurai with a bucket on his head who fights robots from The Greenblight Army. He causes the most constant property damage out of  anyone in Tower Town, and as such keeps Drop very stressed and busy.

- Auto Pilot - (boss) A  robot built by the Black Barons to track down Retra Fitt in case she betrayed them. It plans on installing itself into her systems and overwriting her personality.

Unorthix Holidia (Burton-esque/Holiday Specials) :

- Vile Distress (party member) Monochrome - burton styled hero - Vile Distress -? by EB-the-GAMER  A strange lanky creature who rules Creepsville an protects its citizens from the Barons and Insane. Very untrusting of outsiders and refuses people from the outside access other holiday worlds because of it.

- Grim Twist Twins - (Black Barons, bosses) Monochrome - Grim Twist Twins by EB-the-GAMER A pair of shape shifting demons who are Black Barons. Hate each other more than their enemies, but cannot successfully back-stab. Turn into demonic Owls in a fight, and have been impersonating Vile's father in order to get him paranoid.

Slickenskritche (intentionally low quality animation) :

- Kitty - (npc, boss) Monochrome - Kitty / Kitdaver by EB-the-GAMER a stick figure cat who tends to the gardens of the abandoned Filmstrip Train station of Slickenskritche, watering the ink lilys. becomes a monster when ink lilys mutated by Plantasian infect her and has to be put down.

- Stickman Stan - (npc) a nasty stickman who goes out of his way to screw Otto and his friends over for Fountain Head, flees after releasing a Spook he cannot handle.

- Professor Payhnt Bruss - (Black Baron, boss)  A stick figure paint brush scientist that is Fountain Head's second in command. what he devotes his time to when out of the base is a mystery.

- Fountain Head - (Black Baron, boss) The leader of the Black Barons,  a sketched fountain pen-like being who desires to go to "Reality" and is constantly annoyed by cartoon antics. aside from that, not even his closest subordinates know what his long term plans are.

- Empt - (party member) Monochrome - Hero: Blanc Spook Empt by EB-the-GAMER A Blanc Spook resembling a combination of a doctor and a grim reaper. Captures Otto while he's depressed with the intention of killing him, but since Otto bums him out and doesn't care, he finds no satifaction in it, and cheers him up; but since Otto is no longer depressed, Empt can't kill him. He more or less betrays the rest of the invading spooks, following Otto in order to reap him.

Mis. Characters :

- The Merchant - :icongreteh: (merchant) Monochrome RPG - The Merchant (rough) 1 - Greteh by EB-the-GAMER a traveling dealer whos head dips into their trench coat to change expression.

- Dizy - :iconblurzsketched: (ambulance) Concept character: Dizy by bLurZSkeTched A ninja zombie who goes about different worlds helping heal wounds in an ambulance. clutzy, hopeful and a romantic, he believes he can heal the world with his care.

- Harsh Mistress - (love interest) a female villain trying to make a change in her life, her past deeds across the world and bad habits are making this more difficult than it needs to be. Her army is simply waiting for their next orders at their old hideout , unaware of any of this.

- Mr. Sin - (merchant) a ghostly creature who runs a chain of stores, seemingly all at the same time....fairly greedy, but an ethical friendly guy underneath it. trains rookies to be merchants too.

- Joker - (boss) a crazy clown-like creature that works for the Baron's as a mercenary and encounters Otto a few times throughout the worlds.

- conductor - (npc) the conductor of the Filmstrip Train who awakens after Otto re-activates it.

Interweb people :
Alright! Learned how to do parallel parking Talked to my parents about my troubles, and im beating bonus bosses in my video game, its given me some confidence back, and im ready to start my fourth attempt at this rpg project! Might even do the streams again later! If youre even still interested in me or this project, youre going to actually have something to show for it soon, its been months guys come on. I might have confidence back but you guyshave to try and be the team iI thought we would be from the beginning.

Ive also figured put a definate system for battling. Three team mates at a time, one is always Otto, one is an ally on the front lines, and one is a switchable partner on the bench. Being cartoons, "antics" of various kinds will be used to entertain the enemies, and earn points for special attacks. "Action" commands appear when something special can happen in battle, like turning lights on after an enemy turns them off.

I will be uploading some stuff later today so stay tuned
More Journal Entries


The team trying to Produce and set up this (hopefully) great RPG are credited here.









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If not would it be possible for this to be done? Thank you Thanks for everything! 
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